What are Makeup Junkie Bags?

On 17th Jul 2019

Makeup Junkie bags were designed and created by Meredith Jurica in Texas, USA. She sewed the bags at her kitchen table, and quickly learned there was a want and need for the product. Meredith began selling Makeup Junkie bags to her friends, and boutiques across the country. Makeup Junkie Bags were featured on the show Shark Tank in January of 2019 and featured on Good Morning America in the summer of 2019.

Makeup Junkie bags feature a lay flat design, and come in a wide variety of patterns that Meredith chooses. The exterior can be made of almost any fabric, and the interior is always vinyl and leakproof. 

Makeup Junkie bags feature a patent pending medial zipper design so your products are easy to find, don't spill and pack flat. 

Makeup Junkie bags have recently become collectable to some, consumers seek out the hard to find patterns and treasure them in their collections.

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